Ingles Grupo B

January 19th, 2016

Hello guys!

As promised, here you go the exercises we did before Christmas with the Answer Key to every exercise (Past Simple_Continuous_Perfect-PresentPerfect_ANSWERS).

Also, find here (excuse the bad quality) the document on TOO_ENOUGH we worked in class.

Take care 🙂




December 4th, 2015

Hello guys!

Since we are not seeing each other until next Thursday, I would really appreciate if you could bring these exercises on Past Simple_Continuous_Perfect-PresentPerfect done for our next class.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!



December 2nd, 2015

Here you go some additional theory on the use of FOR_SINCE_AGO. Remember the tenses we will use with one and other.

You will find three exercises to practice this. We will correct them tomorrow in class.

Also, you can check the answer key for the exercises from Unit 1 (ARTICLE+NOUNTIME(II)+WEATHERTIME(I)) that we didn’t correct in class.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!




November 6th, 2015

Good afternoon!

Here you go a series of exercises you should do for next Tuesday’s class: PRESENT SIMPLE VS CONTINUOUS

Have a wonderful weekend!


November 3rd, 2015

Good morning, guys!

I was able to (finally) understand how this blog works 🙂

As promised, please find in the link below a website with all the English exams from the last 10 years for you to download.

See you next Thursday!